Published on 26th May 2021

Heritage Minerals Pty Ltd ( has now completed their feasibility study to determine the economic viability of reprocessing historic tailings at the former Mount Morgan Minesite. The study demonstrates that it is technically feasible and economically viable to treat 10 million tons of gold and copper bearing historic tailings over 5.5 years with the possibility of extending the project by another 10 to 15 years if additional technical studies support its viability.


WIN News Central Queensland / May 18 at 1:40 AM

Momentum is finally building to reopen Mount Morgan’s old mine site to tourists. Along with calls to reopen the fireclay caverns, it’s hoped the move would give people a reason to visit the area.

Heritage Minerals' plan to revive abandoned Mount Morgan gold mine

Published on 16th May 2021 |ABC CapricorniaBy Tobias Jurss-Lewis

An abandoned gold mine that was once one of the richest in the world could soon be revived, igniting hope from passionate locals who say their town is in desperate need of industry and opportunities.

Local businesses welcome Mount Morgan mine reopening plan | Morning Bulletin

Published on 4th Dec 2020 LEIGHTON SMITH

MOUNT Morgan’s business owners are trying to keep a lid on their excitement about the potential reopening of Mount Morgan mine because they’ve heard this story several times before – each time leading to crushing disappointment.
The town’s older residents still tell stories about the glory days when the famous gold mine was still open and the township was thriving, with houses occupied and businesses booming on the back of bustling foot traffic.

Political optimism for Mt Morgan mine revival | Morning Bulletin

Published on 27th Nov 2020 | LEIGHTON SMITH

HERITAGE Minerals’ plan to reopen Mount Morgan mine seemingly came out of the blue but behind the scenes it has received strong support from the region’s three levels of government towards making it a reality.

Heritage eyes up Mount Morgan riches, rehabilitation

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on 21st October 2020

A partnership between GreenGold Engineering and Heritage Minerals Pty Ltd has plans to return the Mount Morgan gold mine in Queensland, Australia, to some of its former glory by creating a mean and green way to extract gold from its ample tailings deposits.


Heritage Minerals Develops Historic Mount Morgan Gold Mine

Published on Oct 6, 2020

Raising the viability of a project badged with important Heritage status has been a feat for Heritage  Minerals. The company tells Australia Mining how it will become the first company to produce gold at Mount Morgan in 30 years.

Mount Morgan Argus

23rd September 2020

Heritage Minerals continues to evaluate the gold-rich tailings on the Mount Morgan Mine site and currently has a drilling program in place which will be ongoing over the next few months.

Renewed Activity at Historic Mine Site

 June 2020

Heritage Minerals Pty Ltd are currently evaluating the gold-rich tailings from the historic Mount Morgan Limited mining operation.